Sunday, 9 December 2012




                                  THE TYNESIDE POETS

Tyneside Poets is a group of men and women residing in the North East, who believe that poetry should not be an ivory tower activity, but should go out to the people. Since January 1973 we have given readings at various festivals, in pubs, car parks, town centres and at folk groups. Members have been invited to Sweden, Germany and Iceland. 
Tyneside Poets hold regular meetings, give readings, issue small press publications and stage occasional exhibitions on specific themes. We have appeared on radio and TV, and have presented readings at the Newcastle Festival. 
We have had visiting poets from the USSR and Germany. We have set up exhibitions of Soviet poetry, and German poetry. Poets have come, at our invitation, to Newcastle such as: Maia Borisova, Michael Dudin, Violetta Palchinskyte and Joseph Nineshvilli from USSR; and Oswald Andrae and others from Germany. 
Our small publications have included translations from many languages done by our members. In POETRY NORTH EAST we seek to bring the work of our members to the notice of a wider public. We have had our poems translated into German and Russian and published abroad. We have had articles about our group in magazines in the Soviet Union, Sweden, and Germany. 
Tyneside poets aim to encourage poets and writers; they also strive to develop better understanding between peoples. 

Alan C Brown 10 November 1976