Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Egalitarian phrases
Socialist in pleasure

Glorify the council house

We are dressed in many yarns

A full embroidery

Many ways join the complete society
Apples are ready
The carpets are laden
Do we need education
I have doubts myself
The sorrows of learning are like fires
We always remember to keep away from
Ethical honesty is the only real learning matter
Paces of understanding are related to character
When we feel expressive
The wings of time bring us poetry
Since time immemorial a falsehood has been here
The echoes of language raw are all we need
The matters of skill are generated by learning in particular
Beauty is our worthwhile endeavour
The colours of emotion celebrate creation
Where does education lead us
On blowing temper trails
There are those who can and most of us can’t
In ships of celebrity they guide promises of future
The cousin of nature is expression
It values our wellbeing
Proves our memory
We are all created creatures
Juices of love make us generous

In spite of ourselves communal

A Tyne Affair

Sail on the water

Curving footpath climbs

Eye of pleasure

Fountain gardens appetite of evening
Westgate Road joins Clayton Street

Seaside bereft of charisma
Recipe of progress
Mast of Spanish City
Colourful commerce
Café cakes of Belgium

Botanic centre
Arresting arrangement
Matters of nature
Funfair on corner of bay

The sea is the soul of time
it wanders us perfectly
draining our soreness
swathed in melody

I treated myself to a present of self-importance
When I first believed
I was the Messiah
Consciously given to overwhelming gratitude
For changes of personality
I addressed Creator with personal significance
Feeling rewarded
It is subtle
How we arrange our status
Wedding forms of inferiority with magnanimous
By roads of knowing myself I come to now
Sense of language
Lives in everyone
Dour perceptions also
We breathe our personality from education mainly
Forming more or less a high opinion
My scroll of ability
Was negligible
Then it happened I became a genius with words
Or so it seemed
A long time ago

Selected by Dr Keith Armstrong

Trevor Leonard was born in 1944 in Benwell, Newcastle. He attended Cannon Street School at the age of 5 and then Ascham House in Gosforth followed by Pendower Commercial and John Marley Schools. He was articled to a solicitor for 5 years and began writing at the age of 22. He now lives in Jesmond.

Trevor with Keith Armstrong


This is a special man
who spends his life entirely
searching for clues to all of it
outside the teeming box.
He rants from the obscure corners
where no one else dares,
rummages down lanes 
where most folk fear 
to walk,
looking for a special meaning,
a hint of a jewel 
in the pervasive rubbish.
A walk with him 
will lead you
into beautiful gardens,
alternative libraries
and abstract galleries.
His voice
is his own 
unique instrument,
dulcit in the sun
of blooming vineyards
and birdsong.
His thoughts
the universe
with their original
Listen to him,
to the deepness
in his soul,
to the reverence
in his wise and seaching eyes.